Mississippi Towing Laws

Height 13 1/2'
Width 8 1/2'
Combined Length none
Trailer Length NS
Trailer Width 8'6"
Trailer Height 13'6"
MH Length 40'
Two Vehicle Length 99'
Triple Tow yes
Safety Chains yes
Breakaway yes
Fire Extinguisher Not Stated
Flare Signs yes
Brake Laws Trailers 2000 (17)
Brake Laws Towed Cars Brake hook-up required.
Wipers Not Stated
Overnight Parking Not Stated
Max Tow Speed 55
Ride In 5th-Wheel
Ride Pickup Camper
Ride Travel Trailer
Speed Limit Posted
GVW 20,000 lbs per axle
Axle 20,000 lbs
License Required Class R
Reciprocity Yes

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Towing Laws Reference Notes
1 On designated rural interstates; some exceptions.
2 Required on trailers over 3000 lbs.
3 Prohibited where posted.
4 Required on trailers over 3000 lbs. or if gross weight of trailer exceeds empty weight of tow vehicle.
5 Required on trucks over 3700 kgs.
6 Required if weight of trailer exceeds 40% of tow-vehicle weight.
7 Required on trailers over 6000 lbs.
8 Required if gross weight is over 2500 kgs.
9 Required on trailers over 1000 lbs. unladen, or 3000 lbs. laden.
10 Riding in fifth-wheel with audible or visual device with tow vehicle and safety glass.
11 24-hour limit.
12 Required if trailer exceeds 50% of tow-vehicle weight. BC, YT: laden.
13 Trailer limited to 48' in a 60' combination.
14 Eight-hour limit; 3 hours in SD.
15 Only if required by CSA at time of manufacture.
16 81.2 ft. on certain federal road systems.
17 Gross weight requiring brakes.
18 Must have free access to drive compartment
19 Maximum combined length 60 ft. on selected highways. Special permit in OR, WI. MI maximum length 70 ft, WA maximum 56 ft. with permit.
20 At least one exit that can be opened from outside and inside.
21 Not to exceed 18 hours in any two-week period.
22 Headlights or daytime running lights required at all times.
23 12-hour limit.
24 Must be able to stop in 40 feet at 20 mph.
25 On interstate highways; secondary roads still 8 ft.
26 81.2' on all state routes. On some other roads 8' limits are posted.
27 Some exceptions or restrictions. CA: See www.dot.ca.gov
28 Special wide-body regulations.
29 Two safety chains or breakaway switch required on trailers.
30 Required if RV is wider than 2 meters.
31 Not recommended.
32 Seats must be equipped with safety belts.
33 14 years of age and older; 13 or older in HI.
34 Required on trailers 3000 lbs. and over.
35 If passenger can communicate with driver, and exit can be opened from both interior and exterior. CA: Seat belts required. OR: Safety glass in windows required & Towing Laws
36 Suggested, but not required.
37 Required on bumper hitches only.
38 Required if gross weight is more than 1350 kgs.
39 Headlights must be used when visibility is less than 500 ft. YT: always, outside of city.
40 Total maximum combined length of 75 ft.
41 Total maximum combined length of 65 ft., QC: 19m.
42 Total maximum combined length of 70 ft.
43 With certain qualifications. Only with fifth-wheel trailer in AZ, IL, MI, MN, MB (maximum length 23 m.), SK and YT.
44 Total maximum length of 72 ft.
45 See state and provincial regulations, SK 14m with permit.
46 Total maximum combined length of 80 ft.
47 Total maximum combined length of 21m.
48 Total maximum combined length of 23m; ball hitch OK on fifth-wheel only.
49 Total maximum combined length of 20m.
50 Total maximum combined length of 55 ft.
51 NT - 4500 kg GVWR requires ABC type extinguisher.
52 NH - 53’ trailer permitted on special routes.

NOTE: While every attempt has been made to verify this information, Towing World cannot guarantee its accuracy, and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Changes may have been made since this data was compiled. Call state and provincial Highway Safety offices for additional details.



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